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For a long lasting stair and railing that will require little maintenance in its lifetime, and ensure the safety of anyone who uses it, there is no better material to use in construction that Western Red Cedar. Many people in Vancouver and the rest of the lower mainland already enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a high quality cedar stair and railing set installed in their yard, and with Accurate Cedar, you can too!

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There is nothing worse that being halfway down a set of stairs and making the unfortunate discovery that there is a crack or warp that has formed in the wood that has made it unsafe for use. Not only can this become a safety issue, it can also lead to further problems with additional wood structures in your yard if it is not corrected quickly. With Accurate Cedar, you can rest assured that your new stairs and railings will remain strong for a number of years, without any regular maintenance. This is because we use high quality Western Red Cedar that has been tried and tested in the moist and humid climate of Southern British Columbia. Thanks to the high durability of Western Red Cedar, you won’t have to worry about your wooden stairs ever becoming a safety hazard. The wood will not warp, crack or become structurally compromised in any way for an extended period of time, so you can enjoy a reliable and functional outdoor staircase and railing without any second thought.

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Wooden stairs and railings are used in a number of different ways, and come in a wide selection of shapes, sizes and designs. Whether you simply need to add a new staircase up to your deck or porch, or are in need of a large staircase that leads to the shore for a coastal property, we have all the experience and skill to make it happen for you. Our team will be there to address any questions you may have concerning design and installation of your new cedar stairs and railings, and we will be sure to provide you with our complete one-year workmanship guarantee that covers any and all installation or material issues after construction is complete. At Accurate Cedar, we take your safety very seriously, and will be sure to correct any issues promptly, and at no extra cost.

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