Cedar Lattice Top Fence

Lattice topped fences have certainly evolved over the years from the standard criss-cross design that most people are familiar with. The expert fence builders at Accurate Cedar are not only highly skilled when it comes to hand-building beautifully crafted, highly durable cedar fences, they can also be a great help when it comes to choosing a design for your fence. We specialize in offering our customers a wide selection of styles and custom designs, and are fully capable of building them to your exact specifications. Whether you prefer a classic design, or are looking for a more unique and modern accent for your yard, we can provide you with the perfect lattice top fence made from the highest quality Western Red Cedar.

A cedar lattice can give you the perfect accent for your brand new fence without sacrificing any of the privacy of your yard. There are many options to choose from in terms of design patterns, all of which you can check out below to get a better idea of which type of cedar lattice top fence will best suit your property.

The Oxford

This style of cedar lattice is among the most common and recognizable patterns available today. Many people enjoy the classic style of diagonally patterned lattice as well as the high level of privacy the Oxford style provides. This style can be installed on both privacy and semi privacy cedar fences.

The Lincoln

This lattice pattern is a relatively new design compared to the classic Oxford lattice, and features a unique horizontal plank pattern. With this design, customers can create their own unique style for their fence that can add to or minimize the level of privacy the fence provides.

The Fairmont

Rather than a diamond or horizontal plank cedar lattice design, this design features a square lattice top for semi privacy and privacy cedar fences. In some cases, customers have even chosen to simply install vertical cedar planks for their lattice design. Like the Lincoln, the Fairmont lattice is highly customizable and can suit a number of different style preferences.

To learn more about these types of cedar lattice top fences, as well as the other quality hand made cedar fences available from our team of top fence builders in Vancouver and the surrounding area, feel free to continue to check out our website. Or you can contact us via phone or email if you are interested in getting a quote for an upcoming fencing project on your property. With Accurate Cedar, you can rest assured that you will receive top quality customer service and a highly durable and attractive new fence for your yard at a competitive price. We look forward to hearing from you!

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